The Paper Line by PAPER & TEA

Our heart beats for paper and tea - you can tell by our brand name. With both product worlds, we desire to create a space that makes room for dreams and creativity. When it comes to paper, it is more than just an everyday object - it inspires us in every aspect of life. A blank sheet of paper is an invitation. Patiently waiting for your sentences, love notes, poetry, and thoughts. Designed, produced, and printed on recycled paper in Berlin, our Paper Line invites you on imaginative adventures to aim high. Let’s get behind the scenes and find out how our infamous designs were created with great partners, using traditional craftsmanship.Paper Is Play. Paper Is Craft. Paper Is Love. Our Paper Line: Creativity meets passion
We have put a lot of love, time, and expertise into creating our paper products. Our desire was to combine the passion and respect we hold for paper and the many facets of this medium in our Paper Line. The design agency Sonnenstaub supported us extensively in creating unique illustrations, realizing special features on paper, and developing our design. We met with the design team:

“We find exciting the possibility to add a new dimension to the visual design for paper products., So you can see but also feel our illustration. Especially in an increasingly digital world - it is even more interesting what a beautiful paper can do.”

We have already developed designs for our teas together for ten years. Now we brought something new on the table with paper. And inspiration started with a cup of tea…

“When developing the different paper collections, it was smoking hot outside, so we were drinking many cups of cold brew Pu Er Bai Ya. Whether as a hot or cold cup, it is our all-time favorite“.

… as well as with the illustrations of our tea lines:

“We wanted to interpret the significant designs of both lines, Master Blends and Origins, in a surprising way for the paper products. So we took our “design ingredients” and put them together in a new way.”

The result is two wonderful paper collections designed to make every creative heart beat faster.

Woman putting colorful art prints on the wall

Our paper collections
Inspired by our Master Blends, this collection is colorful, playfully bold, and radiates cheerful lightheartedness. For tea lovers who are already familiar with this tea line, the Masterblend Colorblocking collection feels like coming home and meeting old friends again. The charming yogi, the playful monkey wearing a hat, and Co. invite you to celebrate the moment and bring color into your life. Printed on natural paper in offset printing using high-quality Pantone colors, the lovely designs enrich your creativity. The entire collection is expertly crafted, printed, and produced in Germany using only the finest materials.

Woman with Masterblend Colorblocking postcardsORIGIN TYPO
Minimalists will love this paper collection: the black and white designs are elegant and timeless, and feature our infamous PAPER & TEA-typography. Embossed in the surface of 100% recycled specialty papers, we gathered Oolong declarations of love, hashtags, the oxidation levels of tea, and the popular PAPER & TEA motto. While running over the designs, the Origin Typo collection gives you a haptic experience like no other under your fingertips! Printed on an original letterpress machine from the 1950s, every piece is unique.

Printing machine with postcardsPaper products by PAPER & TEA
Our art prints paint happiness on your four walls. Choose your favorite design for decorating your home. The PAPER & TEA Art Prints become your new eye-catcher at home. Place them individually or in a beautiful arrangement. You can choose between formats in A2, A4, and A5. Origin Typo art prints hanging in bedroomWhether for a special occasion or as a greeting from afar: Send a handwritten hug with PAPER & TEA greeting cards. We have postcards in colorful designs and typographic folding cards - all with matching envelopes. Spread joy with every heartfelt letter you write, so do not wait any longer and grab your pen!

We have the paper, you have the ideas! We give you space in the PAPER & TEA notebooks to write down memories and impressions. Dot grid layouts help you organize your thoughts. The format in A4 is ideal for large projects, and there are also notebooks in A5 for your best ideas on the move.Woman writing in a notebookSuiting our notebooks, we also have the perfect writing tool for you: The Paper & Tea pencil sets are made for sketching, drawing, and writing. Let your thoughts flow! In case you have good ideas while sipping your favorite tea, always have a sheet of paper and a pencil with you. You can choose between colorful designs and black pencils with white lettering print.

Our PAPER & TEA matches illuminate the darkness in style. In the Masterblend Colorblocking matchbox, you can find matches with colorful heads in pink, light green, and yellow. In our black and white Origin Typo collection, we turn the color concept around: black matches with white heads are waiting to start a fire.

Colorful notebooks, pencils, and matches on table

 Location: Vier Im Quartier