Artist Edition x Jérémy Bellina

Berlin is a city that creativity flows through like the river Spree. Street art traces colors of hope on concrete walls, electronic music pumps through every second cellar, and across the city sunlight falls through studio windows on artists’ hands practicing their craftsmanship day in and out. One of these studios belongs to Jérémy Bellina, a French Berlin-based potter, who embodies the spirit of anyone who has ever reinvented themselves and set their ship onto new horizons.   

Teaching himself the art of ceramics through YouTube tutorials, a certain obsession with ceramics blossomed in him. That’s how you know you found your path. He courageously abandoned his corporate career in supply chain management, choosing to follow his heart into the world of pottery. 

hand-made chasen holders

In collaboration with PAPER & TEA, Jérémy Bellina designed and created 100 unique and hand-made matcha bowls and chasen holders, each engraved with their individual serial number. When we met Jeremy at his sunlit pottery studio in the tranquil streets of Neukölln, he talks about how nature inspired this piece, particularly volcanic landscapes and the sea.  

Jérémy Bellina: "I spent some time in Lanzarote and was amazed by the rocky, volcanic landscape and patterns on the island. I felt like walking on Mars when I was in Lanzarote. That moment was very appealing to me. I wanted to create something organic that has a connection to both the sea and the island. The patterns on the outside of the pieces are influenced by this. And I wanted some roughness in the piece, so I incorporated rocks that I had collected from time to time. When the product was ready, I saw that it looked like a barnacle, based on its texture, its glaze."

Through millennia Japan has perfected the art behind matcha. From meticulous tea producing techniques to passed down matcha bowl family secrets, each element surrounding this beloved green tea powder is soaked in craftmanship. Japan was a new muse for Jérémy, and exactly its dedication to craftmanship was, what inspired him throughout this project. 

Jérémy Bellina: "PAPER & TEA wanted a Japan inspired matcha set, and it even surprised me that I hadn’t really thought about Japan much until then. But I took it as a challenge and was inspired by the craftsmanship of Japan. Then the team at PAPER & TEA and I, we were talking about color patterns and the texture we wanted to achieve, deciding on a grey tone. Based on that I gathered the raw ingredients and went looking for the right clay mix, trying to blend whites and blacks. I wanted an outside glaze in glossy white, giving it the appearance of a white dress sitting on top of rocks.”

Matcha Bowl

He altered each of the unique 100 clay pieces using different rocks and seashells, then iron brushed them with dried wheat to create irregular pattern. At the end he finally glazed them in drippy Odyssée White to manifest the white dress he had envisioned.  

 Jérémy Bellina: "This thick, heavy glaze is very much my pottery style. But working with rocks and rocky patterns was a new exciting challenge. Usually, I would try to hide the body of a piece with the glaze, but this time I wanted to show what lies underneath. It was very interesting for me to work like this and trying to get some drips here and there. Usually I strive for almost perfection – so that all pieces look the same. But for this collaboration I tried to give every piece some type of imperfection. It is about accepting imperfection and giving each piece its unique touch."

Jérémy's pottery journey spans over six years, and his secret to resilience lies in taking each day as it comes. He avoids pigeonholing himself into a particular style or technique, ensuring that every day in the studio remains an exciting adventure. As a full-time artist, he revels in the control he has over his own life, cherishing the responsibility for both his successes and failures. 

 Jérémy Bellina: "The appreciation of the people is a success for me and fulfils me. That keeps me going. When I create a piece that I love and get the same feedback from others, that inspires me. I am constantly learning and need new challenges all the time. In pottery I am already 6 years and found a great passion. I wanted something where I am 100% in control of what is success and failure and I just wanted to rely on myself – that’s why I left the corporate world. You can never be fully free in a corporate job." 

Starting a journey in craftsmanship is deeply personal. Yet, Jérémy’s journey is undeniably inspiring. When questioned about advice for those looking to pursue their passion and, like him, redefine their careers to do what they love, he responds with a smile, but doesn't shy away from being straightforward. 

 Jérémy Bellina: "The first years will be tough, you need support from friends and family but also money. A lot of sacrifices. Think twice and if you still like the idea, then go for it." 

Matcha Keramik

The limited series ARTIST EDITION: JÉRÉMY BELLINA of 100 unique and hand-made matcha bowls and chasen holders, invites you to embark on a journey of your own, discovering the beauty of everyday moments and following your path. It is available now online and at selected stores. We thank Jérémy for his incredible art and for the inspirational interview.