Our Family Teas for small & big tea lovers

A tea blend that everyone likes. That is ahead for the whole family to enjoy together. That becomes a faithful companion for every phase of life. That radiates a sense of comfort. With lots of love and dedication, PAPER & TEA created a line of tea suited for small & big tea lovers. From herbal infusions that are delicious during pregnancy, to playful fruit tea blends for the first day of school, we have got you covered. Let us introduce you to our new Family Tea Line.

Perfectly balanced compositions

Taste is the sense most developed in children. Therefore, our tea experts took extra care to try various recipe combinations using organic herbs and fruits - all with natural flavors and no added sugar. Considering these specific needs, we created our Family Tea Line and its delicious blends suited for children three years or older and expectant and nursing parents. We created five exceptional, caffeine-free herbal and fruit blends for the whole family to enjoy! Colorful companions for small & big tea lovers that are everybody’s cup of tea and make each beautiful shared moment even better.

Selection of Family Teas on sideboard

“Our goal was not only to create blends unique in taste but also to consider children’s and parents' needs. Take them on a little journey with every sip. Making a comforting break during their day possible. And creating memories together with these colorful and playful blends. A creative process that took us one year. But we made it!”
– Anastasia Arampatzi, PAPER & TEA Tea Taster & Buyer

A tea line suited for the whole family

All six of our Family Teas are caffeine-free by nature - making them an ideal drink at any time of the day - or night. For our tea blend recipes, we kept in mind that children have a sweet tooth! But what can you offer your kids that has no added sugar? The sweetness in our Family Teas comes naturally from organic fruits like apples, mango, and wild berries, as well as more ingredients like cacao, licorice root, or coconut flakes. The playful color is another eye-catcher that makes the tea blends attractive. The cups shine from bright yellow to rich red. You drink with your eyes first - and there is a lot to see in this bright color palette!

Family Teas all caddies and sets

Our new flavors


When in doubt, what calms down and gives some gentle peace? For our delicious herbal blend TUMMY KISS N°828, we combine fennel with anise and caraway to create a bright yellow and aromatically sweet cup. Few ingredients, yet with significant impact: Whether after lunch, in the afternoon, or at bedtime: take a well-deserved break and treat yourself right.

Little toy together with Family Tea TUMMY KISS N°828

We are attending a garden party. And celebrate life. We feel the green grass underneath our bare feet, dance in the backyard, and enjoy this cheerful fruit tea blend that delights children and adults alike. Sweet baked apple pieces mixed with juicy forest berries come together in our PINK GRASSHOPPER N°830, colored pink by hibiscus and beetroot. Besides cinnamon and licorice, the cocoa shell adds to the incredible multi-layered sweetness of this colorful fruit blend.

A cup of CUDDLE QUEEN N°831 gives moments of relaxation and feels like a warm hug. The slightly sour taste of sea buckthorn berries is enriched with spicy notes of fennel, refreshing lemon verbena, and delicately sweet chamomile to create a tasty treat during pregnancy. This blend is more citrusy in taste than TUMMY KISS N°828, our other Master Blend based on fennel. Why not bring both to the table, and let your kids decide which one they prefer?

Four Family Teas in the kitchen with two tumblers

Rooibos is not only the national drink of South Africa but also one of the most popular herbal infusions in the world. This cup takes rooibos lovers who want to try something new on a journey through complex flavors, as we have refined rooibos with cinnamon and sage. LITTLE WONDER N°832 is caffeine-free by nature, making it an ideal drink during pregnancy and after birth.

➤ MAGIC MUM N°833:
With more than ten ingredients, our MAGIC MUM N°833 is never running out of giving fresh, new ideas. Especially during breastfeeding, this refreshing herbal blend is full of surprises, with mild spiciness awakening the spirits. Enjoy the full-bodied notes of fenugreek seeds, lemongrass, and vanilla notes together with aromatic cardamom and lovely hibiscus blossoms.