Introducing our Taste the World Advent Calendar

This December, join us on a marvelous flavor-filled journey around the globe. Each day, we invite you to indulge a new and remarkable cup of tea from a different country. Dive deep into the rich tapestry of Asian, African, South American, and European teas with our Taste the World Advent Calendar, where we unveil unique herbal infusions and exceptional pure teas. Get ready to explore ten new flavors you haven’t tried yet at PAPER & TEA - these ten teas are exclusively available in the Taste the World Advent Calendar. Curious to find out what awaits you?

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Embark on a journey of discoveries

Let our minds wander and travel the world without packing our suitcases. All you need to do is boil water, brew, and enjoy! Our Taste the World Advent Calendar, one of our four exclusive Advent Calendars, allows you to travel to 18 different countries and taste your way through an incredible tea selection of different origins, oxidation levels, flavor profiles, and processing methods - complemented by our delightful mini chocolates as tiny palate cleansers.
For you, we travel to tea gardens around the world, always searching for the best tea harvests. Some of the teas in this Advent Calendar are sourced from long-term partners, others set the foundation for new connections in the future. Our selection paints a diverse picture of the possibilities behind traditional and novel tea production methods and growing regions. And we’ve included ten brand-new, exceptional tea varieties exclusively available in this calendar, designed to surprise even our most loyal tea enthusiasts. Here, we share with you some intriguing anecdotes and background information for each tea.

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We give you a taste of these ten new varieties:

Pink Blossom N°933 (Iran)
Immerse yourself in the Middle-Eastern tradition and drink pure rose petals: Made from an exquisite Iranian variety, known for its imposing beauty and odorous fragrance, the collection and drying process of the petals occur by hand. The resulting infusion boasts mesmerizing, deep pink petals and a soft sweet rose flavor that is a perfect evening enjoyment.

Fortune Forest N°931 (Vietnam)
Discover the award-winning black tea coming from the mountainous Ha Giang province, the so-called roof of Vietnam. High up in the branches of centuries-old tea trees and scattered in the most isolated regions of northern Vietnam, a group of indigenous tea pickers skillfully harvest the youngest buds and leaves of a precious secret. It unfolds a tantalizing flavor profile, intertwining honey, and sweet cocoa notes, creating a truly indulgent experience.

Sweet Tooth N°929 (Thailand)
A unique tea blend made of Jin Xuan Oolong and Nuo Mi Chiang leaves, locally called the sticky rice herb. The tea leaves are oxidized for 8 hours and then fermented together with the herb for an additional 16 hours, resulting in a smooth brew with a distinct aroma and typical taste of cooked sticky rice that evokes warm memories for everyone who has visited Thailand before. The sticky rice herb's sweet aroma, combined with the tea's intertwined processing, creates a specifically authentic Thai tea experience.

Into the Wild N°928 (Georgia)
Georgian tea: A history of dreams, triumphs, and cultivation challenges in the subtropical coastlands of Batumi. Tea became so popular yet so expensive that people started to grow it domestically in the favorable climate of the Black Sea. This velvety green tea was handpicked from wild tea trees in Georgia's Guria region near Mtirala National Park, using traditional Chinese production methods. Its big, wiry leaves infuse into a soft and grassy brew like delicate meadow flowers.

Green Breeze N°927 (Sri Lanka)
Indulgashinna, the first certified organic tea plantation in the world, produces highly sought-after, premium green teas. Situated in the famous Uva province of Sri Lanka at an elevation of 1800 meters, this estate offers fully hand-plucked, needle-like leaves that shimmer in all shades of green. This sunny-yellow-colored infusion carries an intensely sweet aroma, like candied pineapple, combined with the nuttiness of fresh pumpkin seeds.

Lapacho N°840 (Brazil)
Lapacho, an herbal tea crafted from the inner bark of Brazilian lapacho trees, embodies a vibrant cultural heritage. The rigid pieces of bark need at least 15 minutes or longer to unfold their full-bodied woody notes and delicate sweetness. Traditionally, this infusion is cooked over an open fire. Loyal to respecting traditional methods, only small amounts of bark are meticulously collected from each tree, fostering ecological sustainability and guarding against exploitation and the degradation of the remarkable Amazonian forests.

Golden Peaks N°926 ( Colombia)
Colombian diverse landscapes, ranging from snow-covered volcanoes to tropical beaches and the Andes, offer an exceptional environment for tea cultivation. La Cumbre in Valle del Cauca takes advantage of its warm and humid climate in Colombia's tropical west, creating perfect conditions for producing teas with a unique and subtly sweet character. Grown between 1800 and 2000 meters in height, the tea delights with flavors of malt, cocoa beans, and hints of prunes.

Green Mekong N°925 (Laos)
Originating from the Phongsaly region in Laos, this green tea is a true delight. Its olive-green leaves adorned with silver tips produce a cup with a sublime aroma of flowers and white peach. The tea's uniqueness stems from the untouched environment where it grows at 1200 to 1600 meters in height, where modern agricultural practices are minimal, making it a unique and organic specialty for tea lovers worldwide.

Wild Honeybush N°930 ( South Africa)
This herbal infusion surprises with citrusy and honey-sweet notes. Honeybush, a plant found exclusively in the Cape Floristic Region of Africa, boasts a remarkable array of flavors shaped by various factors such as species, provenance, harvesting, handling, and processing methods. Our partner, the Honeybush Company, emphasizes superior quality by honoring the plant's cultural and ecological significance. By cultivating sustainable harvesting practices, they preserve wild populations and support regenerative agriculture.

Java’s Pearl N°932 ( Java/Indonesia)
This tea hails from the Harendong Tea Estate, an organic plantation near Mount Halimun Salak National Park on Java island, Indonesia. Within a picturesque nature reserve, this tea garden produces tightly rolled pearls reminiscent of Taiwanese oolongs. With each brew, the tea reveals a delightful spectrum of flavors, evolving from roasted, woody, and mineral notes to delicate fruity and sweet nuances, evoking the warming aroma of freshly toasted bread.