The joy of giving: PAPER & TEA'S guide to heartfelt gifts

In the gentle act of giving, a profound ability unfolds—expressing a multitude of emotions and turning fleeting moments into treasured memories. As the year concludes, gift-giving becomes a celebration of love and gratitude, highlighting the beauty of human connections. Each step, from choosing the perfect gift to witnessing the joy it brings, becomes a unique and meaningful experience. 

In these moments of shared joy, we realize that the truest gift life offers, is the time we dedicate to one another. This is why at PAPER & TEA, we design our products with love and passion to bring you precious experiences of relaxation and happiness.  

Timeless gifts, boundless joy 

We've poured our hearts into bringing the right products together in our gift sets. Whether filled with exquisite teas or tea-ware for an elevated experience - every set is a tangible symbol of appreciation, a heartfelt gesture of connection and gratitude. 

Ready to choose the perfect gifts for your loved ones? 

Tea for Every Taste: Explore Our Duo & Trio Sets 

We've crafted Duo & Trio Sets with you in mind, ensuring a perfect fit for any taste. Whether it's your grandparent beginning their day with a comforting cup, a family member indulging in tea all day long, or an expectant friend seeking a caffeine-free alternative for the next nine months, our thoughtful selection caters to each unique preference. Each set brings a variation of our delicious Master Blends together under a common theme and wrapped in a stunningly designed box bursting with color. Our Duo & Trio Sets are more than just products - they are little treasures that light up hearts. 


Gift Mindfulness with Matcha 

One of the greatest feelings in the world is to learn something new. Thoughtfully crafted for both beginners and enthusiasts, our Matcha Sets offer a unique opportunity to learn how to prepare the Japanese power beverage Matcha at home. Rooted in Zen Buddhism and mindfulness, matcha has long transcended its role as a mere beverage. The green tea powder is a meditative ritual that invites individuals to relax and reconnect with the present moment. It also tastes fantastic as a warming matcha latte and adds a joyous green color to baking adventures. Whether you are introducing someone to the world of matcha or gifting the joy of making their favorite matcha drink at home, both our Matcha sets include all the tools one needs. A beautiful gift that infuses mindfulness and self-care into our daily routine. 


Chocolate Magic: Perfect for Any Occasion! 

Sometimes the small things in life leave the longest impression. That’s how we feel about the first bite into our new tea infused chocolates. The organic sustainably sourced pure cocoa from our partner ORIGINAL BEANS seamlessly blends with the intricate flavor of our premium tea, creating a captivating experience for chocolate and tea lovers alike. Whether elevating a special occasion, sweetening a moment, or simply adding a playful touch to a gift, these high-quality tea infused chocolates are sheer celebration of flavor. Why not get a few chocolates and their corresponding teas for an intimate tea and chocolate tasting at the comfort of your home? That is at least our idea of an unforgettable date night activity.  


Golden Earl Infused Cheesecake: A Recipe for Shared Joy 

When it comes to meaningful gifts, nothing beats shared time together. So lets put some labor and love into it, shall we? We invite you to prepare and savore this delicious treat together with your loved ones: From the shared enjoyment of being covered in flour to the proud moment of eating a slice of this Golden Earl Infused Cheesecake together, the memories we make on the way are the gift we remember most.  

Add 15g of our GOLDEN EARL N°514 to 460g of single cream and leave to infuse overnight, then sieve the leaves out. Beat 900g cream cheese with 300g sugar until smooth, then add six eggs one at a time. Add 1 teaspoon each of lemon juice, salt, and vanilla extract. Finally, carefully stir 50g of flour into the tea-infused cream to avoid lumps, and then blend this mixture with the cream cheese mixture. Bake the cake in a preheated oven at 220°C for 60-65 minutes until it is deeply golden-brown.