On International Tea Day, we celebrate our partners around the world

Tea may seem like a simple beverage at first glance, but its significance extends far beyond. It's a symbol of gathering and a bridge that connects people of different cultures and traditions. On International Tea Day, we therefore celebrate not only the enjoyment of the drink but also the centuries-old traditions it embodies.

At PAPER & TEA, we value this precious piece of tradition and see it as our responsibility to preserve it. For us, the art of tea preparation is not just a craft, but an essential philosophy that is reflected in all our products. That's why we value getting to know the people behind the tea leaves, and experiencing the tradition of where our tea comes from. This allows us to ensure the high quality of our products and maintain a strong connection with our partners.

Our journey through the rich tea culture led our tea experts to Japan for two weeks, where we tracked down the origins of Japanese green tea culture. We discovered the crucial factors influencing the high quality and the exceptional taste of tea. In our selection, we present carefully chosen Japanese teas of the highest quality, each with its own story.

Our best-selling matcha also comes from the renowned tea-growing regions of Japan, more precisely from Kagoshima, where we source our SHINTO MATCHA N°320.

However, Japan is just one stop on our world tour of tea. We maintain close relationships with producers from various countries who supply us with high-quality, certified organic teas. From the green hills of Japan to the sun-drenched plantations in other parts of the world, we strive to find and present the best teas for our customers.

One such treasure we've found is the Satemwa Tea Estate in Malawi. Here, innovative tea creations are carefully handcrafted, including a reinterpretation of white tea, hand-rolled to offer a unique taste experience. We greatly appreciate this genuine pioneering work. We even had the opportunity to sit down with tea producer Alexander Kay over a cup of tea and discuss innovative tea specialties.

Across picturesque landscapes and historic tea gardens worldwide, not only are traditional tea variations cultivated, but also creative novelties are crafted. These innovative creations challenge conventions and interpret traditional methods in new ways. In our selection, you'll find a variety of such unique teas that expand the boundaries of taste and tradition. From exciting white tea specialties, refreshing green teas, and robust black teas to oolongs and pu-erhs, each cup is a journey through the fascinating world of tea enjoyment. We owe this diversity and innovation to the dedicated producers who craft tea of the highest quality with passion and expertise.