A journey to the origin

Since our travels through Japan, we’ve been inspired by Japan’s mindful way of approaching life. Seamlessly they intertwine tea into their social fabric, never compromising on quality nor losing up on meticulous craftmanship. Our journey obviously took us into the land of matcha, the pinnacle of Japanese tea culture. So let us tell you about the spirit of Matcha.

Matcha isn't just a beverage; it's a lifestyle. From the very act of preparing it, a wave of calmness and mindfulness washes over us. Each step in the process, leading to that frothy green elixir, is an opportunity to center your mind on the present. Matcha is your daily pact with yourself – a commitment to a healthy lifestyle and unlocking your full potential. The quality and potency of premium matcha, like what we at PAPER & TEA offer, come from the careful crafting of 100% organic shade-grown tea, meticulously stone-milled into a fine powder. This isn't just a cup of green tea; it's sipping pure green leaves, packed with all their nutritional goodness.

Originating from ancient Japanese traditions deeply rooted in nature, matcha has seamlessly woven its vibrant green presence into our urban lives. Whether you're sipping a Matcha Latte on your way to work or preparing a traditional matcha bowl before a yoga class, matcha is your powerful and delicious companion – a daily ritual to grow through. That’s what we mean with spirit of Matcha, that it is more than just a trend; it reflects your commitment to a healthier, more mindful, and quality-driven life. Welcome to the spirit of Matcha.

What makes Matcha so special?

At its core, Matcha is simply finely ground green tea. As part of the shaded tea family, our matchas undergo a unique Japanese practice of being covered with a black net for three weeks before plucking. This shading encourages the accumulation of chlorophyll, the green pigment rich in amino acids that contribute to Matcha's sweet and umami flavor.

After the shading period, the leaves are meticulously refined, including de-stemming and deveining, to produce Tencha—the essence of the tea leaves. Tencha is then ground using traditional stone mills, a slow process taking one hour to grind 30 grams of Matcha. Matcha boasts a unique and rich flavor profile, characterized by a blend of umami, savory, sweet, and slightly bitter notes. Renowned for its creamy texture and fresh, slightly grassy aroma, high-quality Matcha typically exhibits natural sweetness and minimal bitterness, while lower grades may lean towards stronger bitterness. Overall, Matcha delivers an intense and multifaceted taste experience.

Taste the difference

Our premium Matchas are sourced from Kagoshima, a region renowned for its exceptional tea cultivation. This finely ground, vibrant green tea powder boasts a harmonious blend of umami sweetness, a touch of bitterness, and a velvety texture when expertly prepared. But not all matcha taste the same, as we are distinguishing between Ceremonial, Daily, and Culinary Grades.

KONOMI DO – Our Ceremonial Matcha

Ceremonial Grade Matcha represents the peak of matcha quality, revered for its role in traditional Japanese tea ceremonies. Its production process is meticulously designed to create unparalleled taste and texture. Grown in shaded conditions to enhance chlorophyll levels and promote umami flavors, the tea leaves are carefully harvested from the first crop of the year, known for its superior quality and intense flavor. The leaves are steamed, dried, and ground into an exceptionally fine powder using only traditional stone mills. The resulting matcha exhibits a vibrant, intense green color, indicative of its freshness and high quality.

Our ceremonial matcha is called KONOMI DO N°321 Its taste profile is characterized by a rich, full-bodied flavor with subtle umami notes and minimal bitterness, its texture is fine and silky. Ceremonial Grade Matcha like our KONOMI DO N°321 is ideally prepared the traditional way, simply whisked with hot water, to savor its pure, refined taste without the need for additional ingredients. While it may come at a higher price point due to the labor-intensive cultivation and processing methods involved, its exceptional quality and unmatched sensory experience make it unmistakably evident that you are enjoying a ceremonial grade matcha.

SHINTO MATCHA – Your Daily Matcha

While not as refined or expensive as Ceremonial Grade, Daily Grade Matcha still boasts commendable quality, making it a popular choice for regular use: It offers the perfect balance of quality and affordability suitable for daily consumption. Our SHINTO MATCHA N°320 is a harmonious blend of a spring harvest, called First Flush, and the summer harvest, or Second Flush, culminating in a tea that is both delicate and full-bodied. Daily Grade Matcha is not just a practical choice for matcha enthusiasts, it bridges the gap between tradition and modernity, as it is suitable for both traditional tea ceremonies and contemporary recipes like Matcha Latte.

Our recent journey to Kagoshima on Kyushu Island offered us a firsthand insight into the profound impact of terroir on the cultivation of our SHINTO MATCHA N°320 matcha. Kagoshima, renowned for its rich volcanic soil enriched with minerals from the region's numerous active volcanoes, provides ideal conditions for tea to reach its full flavor potential. The volcanic ash, which falls onto the tea plantations during eruptions, imparts a distinct intensity to the tea flavor.

MAHŌ MATCHA – Culinary Magic

Culinary Grade Matcha opens up a world of creativity, offering boundless possibilities for matcha-infused dishes and beverages. While it may not possess the refinement of Ceremonial Grade, its versatility in the kitchen is unparalleled. Cultivated under less stringent conditions and often sourced from later harvests, it is ground into a slightly coarser powder, which lends itself perfectly to a myriad of culinary endeavors. And its tendency towards bitterness infuses them with a distinct earthy and umami flavor.

Our MAHŌ MATCHA N°308 is harvested in autumn and embodies a more intense and robust profile with just the perfect hint of bitterness. Mahō means magic in Japanese, and matcha magic truly elevates any dish ranging from cakes and pancakes to savory creations like matcha-infused sauces and dressings. This Matcha encourages experimentation and innovation in matcha cuisine. From matcha lattes to iced beverages, from desserts to savory delights, the possibilities are endless. 

Your daily Matcha ritual

So, how can you integrate matcha into our daily life? Matcha is an invitation to embrace a more mindful approach to life, as the preparation of matcha requires calm concentration and precision. Each step - from pouring hot water over the tea powder to gently whisking it and slowly sipping the delicious drink - is an opportunity to focus on the moment and sharpen the senses. And since matcha can be incorporated in such delicious recipes such as matcha latte or the summer version of iced matcha latte, the opportunities to integrate its green power into your day-to-day rhythm are endless. In any form, preparing matcha is a ritualistic act that invites you to feel the flow of life and become aware that every action, no matter how small, holds significance. In our busy world, the sheer act of taking time and to be still is an act of rebellion. Embrace the Spirit of Matcha with us.